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16 Seater Minibus Hire

Hounslow – 16 Seater Minibus 

A 16 seater minibus is the perfect vehicle for small group of friends, colleagues, students, corporate executives, large families, and others to make airport transfers, attend a concert, go out on a nites out trip to central London, visit the Kempton park, Royal Windsor, or any other racecourse, hit a beach in nearby Kent, visit any of the theme parks in the region, or indulge in any other activities. 
We offer Mercedes 16 seater minibus, which is widely regarded as the best in class, and featuring advanced safety and comfort features. The vehicle comes with wide comfortable seats, multi duct air conditioning, the latest audio and video system, power doors, ample luggage space, and a host of other features, which would make your travel very comfortable. 
With our minibus hire in Hounslow, you are assured of not just a comfortable vehicle, but also reliable service and support. A big reason for this is our smooth and efficient systems, and also the strength of our 24-hour customer care. Our customer care team does all the background and coordination work well, and you may approach them for any special requests you have, for your trip. 
Another highlight of our Hounslow minibus hire service is the skilled drivers, who come along with the vehicles. All our drivers know the local area and routes well, and leverage the nimbleness of these minibus vehicles to reach your destination fast, all the while adhering to traffic laws, and giving top priority to your safety. 
With our 16 seater minibus, you gain the comfort, flexibility, and reliability of a private vehicle, and the superior comforts and space of your private vehicle. Our extremely low rates make it even worth its while to avail our minibus hire in Hounslow.