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28-35 Seater Coach Hire

Hounslow 28 35 Seater Coach  

When you arrive at Heathrow Airport, you will find our 28-35 seater coach waiting for you. Heathrow is just a few miles from the town of Hounslow where you will be booking a hotel and touring its attractions. Hounslow is a dense commercial town with several cafes, restaurants, small enterprises, product assembly plants, telecommunication firms, marketing agencies and so much more. 
Once we know when you are arriving in town, we will send one of our Volvos or a Ford Transit with a professional driver to receive you. In case your number is smaller than 28, don’t worry, we will arrange for a Mercedes 16 Seater instead. 
Things to Do in Hounslow
Given its commercial background, it’s easy to assume that Hounslow leaves nothing in the way of tourism. But with a little hunting, you can discover a few historic gems tucked within the city and others you may not have imagined existed.  
The Quintin Boat Club  

Put your sailor cap on as you are about to indulge in an adrenaline filled rowing sport. The Quintin Boat Club was formed at the University of Westminster Boathouse for all those paddling fads in Hounslow. But this does not make it a member’s only joint; for a reasonable price, you can have your first rowing lessons and possibly earn some recognition from the pros. The Boat Club is constructed on the shore of the River Thames, and you can see it from the Chiswick Bridge.  
The Syon House 
If you are looking for an afternoon of being pampered and spoilt, you definitely have to visit the Syon House. It’s an upscale hotel & spa located in the countryside away from the city’s busy life. It was once a lavish home for the Duke of Northumberland and it sits on over 200 acres of land. For those who only want to visit, the neo-classical architecture will be something to marvel at as well as the lush expanse of manicured gardens. 
Events in Hounslow 
1. London Home Show Spring (Home & Lifestyle), Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Hounslow (19th Mar 2016) 
2. 2016 YPL Annual Masquerade Soiree, The Roof Gardens, Hounslow (5th Mar 2016) 
3. Aperitivo Italian Cuisine (Complimentary), Giovanni Rana, Hounslow (19th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

Hounslow minibus hire will give you a full tour of Hounslow at a pocket friendly rate. We have several buses in our fleet so we can never lack a suitable 28-35 seater coach to rent you. Visit our minibus hire in Hounslow website to make your first booking.