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Hounslow Couch Tours  

Hounslow is quite a busy town, playing an important role as a commuter city and hub for telecommunication, marketing and assembly businesses. Hounslow is also the support town for London Heathrow Airport thus its existence is owed to its flourishing service sector. 
What you don’t know about Hounslow is that it’s the birth place for the award-winning singer Phil Collins and other notable celebrities like Mo Farah and Cyril Cusack. It may be heavily commercialised but we guarantee to show you the best attractions within, through our Hounslow couch tours.  
Things to Do in Hounslow  
Hounslow minibus hire will get you a Mercedes 16 seater or luxurious Ford Transit 42 seater to travel in comfort and style. If need be, we will put a driver behind the wheels so you can have all the time to enjoy the best of Hounslow Borough. You will get the best of Hounslow town with our minibus hire.

Chiswick House  
Chiswick house is a beautiful villa located on Burlington Lane and was completed in early 17th century. A design project of four distinguished architects, the end product is no doubt the classic neo-Palladian construction; in fact this is the remaining building in London bearing such a design. The Chiswick House is a blend between brilliant architecture and lush immaculate gardens; the same gardening style used from 17th century to date. This villa is open to visit and view the magnificent bouquet of flowers or even book the venue for a wedding, engagement or birthday party. 
The Old Post Office  
The Post office is adjacent to the Blenheim shopping centre and still looks the same since its establishment. It remains ever busy to date and inside are long queues of folks waiting to be served. It may not be open for exploration in its busy hours but you can stop by to view its medieval design before proceeding with your Hounslow minibus hire day tour.  
The London Museum of Water & Steam 
Inside this museum is the full story of London’s water supply system since its early beginnings. All the water and steam engines used to pump water to the larger London are housed here, and funny enough they all still work. The museum attendants will roar the engines to life while narrating interesting fun facts about the water supply system used in the older days and how it was replaced by modern piping and sophisticated equipment. But the fun doesn’t end there, there is an in-built family-fun arena known as the Splash Zone; its located at the Waterwheel Courtyard where you and family or friends can move water using buckets, gears, wheels, levers, pipes and whatever else is to be found there.  
The Old Packhorse 
This is an English pub with town known for one advantage; the best beer and ale you will ever taste in Hounslow. Because the pub is famously known, it usually gets packed with revellers so best go there early and book a seat. The ambience is splendid and rustic, the people friendly and the best cold beer for you. You can order some food to go with the drinks as well.  
Osterley Park Mansion 
This is another grandeur mansion surrounded by an equally immaculate lawn and has been in existence since the 15th century. The mansion is located within the Osterley Park and tucked within the London western suburbs. The suburban theme is juxtaposed by a heavy rustic countryside creating the most beautiful scenery one can imagine. Enter the mansion and immediately you travel back to the 16th century and everything that happen in that time; even the stables still have their rustic theme. The guides are friendly, enthusiastic and will give you the gory details of the early occupants of the Osterley Park mansion. Afterwards you get treated to a fine English cuisine before the next session of the tour begins.  
Events in Hounslow  
1. Hillsong Conference 2016 (Europe Tour), The 02, Hounslow, (27th July 2016) 
2. London Home Show Spring (Home & Lifestyle), Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Hounslow (19th Mar 2016) 
3. 2016 YPL Annual Masquerade Soiree, The Roof Gardens, Hounslow (5th Mar 2016) 
4. Aperitivo Italian Cuisine (Complimentary), Giovanni Rana, Hounslow (19th Feb 2016) 
5. Gin Festival London, London England (19th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
Our Hounslow coach tours is endowed with a fleet full of Mercedes luxury buses, elegant Ford Transit vans or even air-conditioned and chauffeured Volvos. There is no demand too great that we cannot meet and we have been in business for years to understand how it works and all the best bus routes within the city. Mention any attraction on your travel list and our friendly minibus hire in Hounslow will get you there in no time. For all your Hounslow minibus rental needs, visit our website and an online active customer care team will be ready to pick your order.